Review Policy

I am currently interested in and open to accepting books for review.

I’m Ju, this is my personal blog and website, although book reviews feature heavily in my regular content. I am an avid reader, but I am careful to keep my review load small and manageable, and I aim to post reviews within a couple of weeks of publishing wherever possible. My reviews are also crossposted to Goodreads often in full, sometimes as an excerpt.

I read fiction from both large and small publishers and will also consider selected self-published works provided it fits within my reading interests. I am specifically interested in promoting the works of Australian authors from both small and large publishers and I actively participate in the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

I am interested in speculative fiction primarily, I like many sub-genres within this umbrella but especially urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, historical fiction/fantasy, dark fantasy, space opera, science fiction, science fiction romance, and paranormal romance. I am actively seeking speculative fiction that is by queer authors and features various queer elements and characters to the stories. I also enjoy YA fiction and soft crime (fluffy) fiction, particularly if it is speculative.

I’m not interested in being offered horror or thriller fiction, hard or true crime novels. I also don’t read much general contemporary fiction.

I accept both hardcopy books for review and ebooks in .epub format.  I generally prefer ebooks for review purposes. I am a member of Netgalley under the name Ju Transcendancing, please feel free to recommend a title to me through Netgalley or by email (transcendancing at gmail dot com).