2016 Australian Women Writers Challenge Pledge

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2016 BadgeIt’s a new year of reading! Once again I’m excited to join in the Australian Women Writers Challenge and I invite any readers to do the same. The aim is to raise the profile of women writers in Australia and to increase the reviews for these books and authors too. It’s a low key challenge, the focus is enjoyment of reading and discovering new awesome books. You can pick your own level, choose to read or also to review and there’s heaps of support and suggestions for books to read via the AWW group on Goodreads.

This year I’ve already earmarked a number of books to read for the challenge, so I’ve set my own goal to read and review at least 15 books this year. I also hope to continue reading more diversely in various ways including (but not limited to) queerness, disability, Indigenous authors and other non-white authors.

If you decide to join in the fun, do let me know so I can wave pompoms in your direction and also follow your reviews if you’re doing them!

2 thoughts on “2016 Australian Women Writers Challenge Pledge

    • Ju says:

      This reading goal I think I’ll meet, whether I get through 75 books though might be another thing… This year promises to be more intense study wise toward the end so I might only be fit for watching trashy tv by the end of it… Today I hope to write up where I got to on my reading goals, and make a new post about my overall reading goals this year. Also still need to do my best of for 2015 that weren’t in the AWW wrap up.

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