Reading Commitments for 2015

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2015 badgeIn past years, I’ve concentrated mainly on my commitment to read for the Australian Women Writers Challenge. This year I have some extra reading goals in mind. The goals I’ve listed may be on the ambitious side given I am studying full time, but I am invested in making a solid attempt.

Sharing a little about my profile as a reader:

I am an avid reader and I really enjoy it – I have done since I learned to read. However, I’ve been studying so consistently in recent years that my fiction reading has been at very low levels for me. I wonder what it will look like when I’m not studying at university any more! Right now I’m pleased to get through 75 books in a year, and before I was studying I’d easily go through that in a couple of months.

As for my preferences in reading, I’m still mostly intent on reading in the arena of speculative fiction, and I continue to have fairly broad taste in that area. That said, as time goes on there are definitely specific hooks that really attract me. I am strongly motivated by female characters, also characters with a diverse gender background, diverse sexuality or relationship choices. I want to actively read more fiction by authors who are non-white, particularly Indigenous Australians works – especially speculative ones. I enjoy certain kinds of non-fiction, such as books to do with cultural studies or midwifery as well as some biographies/autobiographies, but that depends heavily on who the book is about.

For 2015, I’m proposing to take on the following reading (and reviewing) commitments:

  • Complete my Goodreads reading goal of 75 books. This is the same number from last year – it seemed to be exactly right as a number while I’m studying so intensely.
  • Complete the Australian Women Writers Challenge at the Miles level, to read at least 6 books and review at least 4.
  • Increase the number of books by Indigenous Australian authors that I read, and review these books.
  • Read at least 10 books by authors from other various non-white backgrounds and ethnicities and review at least 5 of those.
  • Participate in the Escape Club YA Bookclub on Goodreads by reading the books I’m interested in and participating in the discussion.
  • Track the reading I do for my academic studies in Midwifery both books and articles. Also, try and write at least 3 blog posts per semester about my studies and the readings.
  • Publish a list of all the academic articles I read for my study in 2015.
  • Unpack my books and read at least 5 of the books I inherited from my best friend and haven’t picked up to read yet.

This is not a small amount of goals, but I think they’re worthwhile aims. I have a huge list of books I want to read in Goodreads so I shall do my best to make good use of that list! Also the books in my closet that I haven’t been able to unpack yet for lack of a bookcase, I really want to get that sorted out so I can pick up those books that are completely new to me – especially since I’ve been meaning to read them for so long!

8 thoughts on “Reading Commitments for 2015

  1. Thanks for rejoining the AWW challenge, Ju. For someone who studies full time, I think you get through an amazing number of books. Your reading goals sound ambitious and worthwhile. I look forward to seeing your posts about your studies, too. That’s a great idea!

    • Ju says:

      I’m really hoping that it helps me further appreciate how much I actually get through and read, not to mention engage with critically.

  2. I think 75 books is an amazing number! I don’t study full time, just work, and I only got through 38 in 2014, 11 of them AWW. This year I’m aiming for 50, with 10 of them for the AWW Challenge Not sure if its achievable but I’m going to give it a good go.

    I like the goal of reading more Aboriginal and non-white writers, that’s something I need to do too.

  3. You read 75 books a year!? Flummoxed. I really love to read, but even as a kid when I did pretty much nothing but read I can’t have got through more than 60 per year! What’s your secret? Tell me at once! Do you speed read? (p.s. love seeing your insightful comments over on Best of luck with you midwifery journey 🙂

    Do you write at all? I mean fiction?

    Ellie xxx

    • Ju says:

      I use reading as my down time and before-sleep time, I don’t speed read but especially while I’m studying I tend to go for things that are light, fluffy, entertaining and emotionally satisfying. I leave the books that make me think more for during breaks (I’m currently reading 1984 because I’m on break). I’m glad you liked my comments 🙂 And thank you! It’s been a wonderful journey so far and I’m excited (and determined) for the next part! I’m not a writer save for my blog, I admire my friends who are writers but it doesn’t seem to be where my talents lie 🙂

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