2013 Australian Women Writers Challenge Pledge

Last year I had immense fun taking up the challenge to read Australian Women Writers – a bunch of these authors already number amongst my favourites, but I love the attention being paid to some incredible writers out there.

This year I’m going to take up the challenge again – there are still a whole bunch of books I never got to read yet, so I have plenty of material to choose from! If you’re interested in great new books to read, and community to go with it, sign up for the 2013 Australian Women Writers Challenge.

Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013 - banner

One of the best things was browsing the various reviews people wrote, because there were some books I picked up that otherwise I wouldn’t have thought to read – like ‘The Courier’s New Bicycle’ by Kim Westwood, which was one of my best of 2012 reads.

This year I’ve set myself the ‘Miles’ challenge for reading and reviewing. I’m committing to reading six books, and reviewing four of them for 2013. Hopefully I’ll overtake this and do more reading and reviews, but since I’m moving interstate and still have study and work in mind, I’ll set myself an achievable goal.

I’m also going to stick to speculative fiction again, as it is my favourite genre to read, but if anyone has any particularly strong recommendations for books outside the genre that it would be worth me trying, I’d love to hear from you.

Additionally, I’ve also renewed my goal on Goodreads to read 100 books for 2013, I didn’t achieve this goal in 2012, but I did read 62, so I was well over half way there. Hopefully this year I’ll make it all the way!

Feel free to friend me on Goodreads or follow me on twitter if you like, my username for both is ‘transcendancing’ (unsurprisingly).

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