Long time no blogging… (plus bonus My Little Ponies)

Dear readers, if you’re still out there…

Sorry for the extended absence, especially in the beginning of my setting up this blogging space. Life got a bit full on and as a result I’m now rather burned out and in recovery mode. Updates will continue to be sporadic while I find my groove again.

*much love into the ether*

Also, because such things are important, General Zoi on Deviant Art has created a My Little Pony Avatar Creator {link broken so removed}. Thus I give you my avatar pony self! (If I picked myself a pony name, it would possibly be ‘Infinity Heartsparkle’). Or something like it. My lovely friend Samvara photoshopped the cutie mark in for me, it’s a loveheart encircled by an infinity symbol.

Ju as a pony

And that’s all I have for you today. Till next time, *waves*

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